Demonstration of the Might of Spirit of Self-reliance, Self-development

The Sunchon Phosphate Fertilizer Factory has been built as a labor-saving enterprise equipped with a high-level integrated manufacturing system. It can mass-produce high-concentration ammonium phosphate fertilizer by relying on the domestic raw materials and fuel.  

The construction of the factory which is of weighty significance in the chemical industry and agricultural production fully demonstrated the might of the DPRK which is advancing vigorously along the road of self-reliance and self-development under the wise guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and enabled it to make significant progress in fulfilling the desire of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who had put their heart and soul into supplying the people with enough food.

The Korean people take great pride and a real joy in inaugurating the modern phosphate fertilizer factory in May of the first year of the offensive for frontal breakthrough and are full of enthusiasm to overcome all the difficulties and achieve greater successes by their own efforts even under the current global turmoil caused by COVID-19.

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