Recognized Top Honour Student

It was the day when President Kim Il Sung graduated from the primary school in Badaogou, China.

The headmaster in his report on the studying results of the graduates proudly said that Kim Il Sung was the most excellent in study and life during the whole course of school days.

After his report, a ceremony was held to announce the ranks according to the students` graduation marks and award certificates of graduation, diplomas and prizes.

However, even before the announcement of the ranks, the eyes of all students, teachers and parents were focused on Kim Il Sung at once.

As a matter of fact, he always received the highest marks in terminal and annual exams as well as midterm exams in all school years and his answer sheets used to be put on the school’s noticeboard.

At such times, all the students crowded before the board with envy.

Therefore the first placer was virtually obvious to anyone without hearing the announcement.

“The number one is Kim Song Ju (President Kim Il Sung’s childhood name).”

As the headmaster declared in a loud voice, a thunderous applause erupted among the crowd.

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