Fascinated by Grand Flower Garden of Human Rights of Women

“A man from the West said if he could be born again in the world, he wanted to be a child of the DPRK. I think his words were with no flourish or affectation, because I also want to start another life, if I can, as a Korean woman.

“The DPRK is indeed a heaven on earth, an ideal country for mothers, where the rights of women are truly provided and their dignity is guaranteed at the highest level.”

This is an excerpt from an article written by Irina Malenko, chairwoman of the Ireland-Korea Friendship Association, who was filled with admiration for the reality of the DPRK where all women create and enjoy happy lives as masters of the country.

Witnessing the true sights of the DPRK where ordinary women become heroines and deputies to the Supreme People`s Assembly, she said she is really envious of the Korean people living a blessed life thanks to the great leaders. Availing herself of the opportunity of visiting the Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation, she donated to add her sincerity to the noble loyalty of the Korean people who are holding the great leaders in high esteem for all ages.

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