Fatherly Love Brings Happy laughter to All Families on February Holiday

The whole country rang with happy laughter of the children on February holidays, add pleasure to each family.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who regards the work for rising generations as the most important state affair and spares nothing for them, sent presents to all kindergarten and primary school pupils and other children across the country to mark the Day of the Shining Star, one of the greatest national holidays.

The benevolent fatherly love reached every kindergarten pupil throughout the country, from Pyongyang to the northernmost remote mountain village and farm village alongside the Military Demarcation Line. 

All parents were moved to tears as they saw their happy children who were laughing boisterously after receiving smart school things such as “Haebaragi(sunflower)”-brand pencils, erasers, crayons of different colours and water colours.

Seeing the happy children full of life and joy, all the people across the country extended heartfelt thanks to the Supreme Leader who creates a better future for new generations true to the lofty intention of love for the rising generations of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

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