Precious Instruction

It happened when the Eighth Enlarged Executive Committee Meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of North Korea was held.

That day a man got up from his seat in the middle of the meeting and asked President Kim Il Sung why the Party to be founded was named the Workers` Party as it was said to represent the interests of the working masses and if the Workers` Party meant the party of the workers.

Hushed silence prevailed over the venue of the meeting by the sudden question.

All the eyes of the participants were turned upon the President at once.

The President wore a smile on his face and said that when we referred to work, we usually thought of the workers at factories or mines, but it was not a correct idea.

Farmers also work as well as workers and office workers do mental work, he noted, adding that since the party to be founded by merging the two parties was an organization of the progressive elements of the workers, farmers and working intellectuals who work, it should be named the Workers’ Party.

After hearing his explanation, the participants came to have a correct understanding of the name of the Party and unanimously expressed absolute approval for it, saying he was quite right.

As seen above, the name of the Workers’ Party of Korea the Korean people call as a mother is associated with the noble intention of the President to build the Party into a revolutionary one embracing broad segments of the working people.

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