Peerlessly Great Man Brings New Dawn for Independent Reunification

The adoption of the “September Pyongyang Joint Declaration”, which was provided through the north-south summit and talks last year, was a landmark event to be etched in national history brought about by the iron will of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to present a reunified, prosperous and powerful country to the entire Korean nationals as soon as possible.

The Supreme Leader said that the fact that the Korean nation, which boasts a 5 000-year history and brilliant culture, has been suffering from the pain and misfortune of national division for more than 70 years due to outside forces is a national shame that cannot be tolerated any longer. It is the firm determination and will of the Party to achieve without fail the independent reunification of the country by carrying out the lifetime intention and behest of the great leaders, he stressed.

The zeal for national reconciliation and unity which were brought about by the Supreme Leader, who said that it is the constant and principled stand of the DPRK and his invariable will to vigorously promote inter-Korean relations for all see by the concerted efforts of the nation and make a new history of national reunification, melted the tundra of confrontation between the north and south and let the atmosphere of blooming spring for peace and reunification brim over throughout Korea.

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