Jujube Serves As Good Medicine

One winter day in Juche 5 (1916) Kang Pan Sok was ill in the bed.

Young Kim Il Sung did not leave her, tending her illness together with his grandmother till late at night. But her temperature did not go down and she had serious coughs.

Feeling so pitiful, his grandfather said to himself “jujube is a good medicine for cough…”

It was not an easy job to get jujube in winter.

The son stood up quickly to take a handful of red jujubes out of the drawer and handed them over to his mother.

His grandfather had picked the jujubes from the tree in the backyard and given them to his grandson in autumn last year.

Having heard it was good for curing cough, her son had kept them well to use at a vital moment.

His grandfather expressed satisfaction with his praiseworthy deed.

The jujubes with the sincerity of the son became so good a medicine that Mother Kang Pan Sok got out of her sickbed some days later. 

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