Country Looks After Even People’s Life and Future

Personages from different countries highly praise the DPRK for the reality that the politics of loving the people is administered.

The deputy chief of the Russian group for solidarity with the DPRK said that as he looked round the creations which sprang up on the land of the DPRK, he keenly realized the Workers’ Party of Korea headed by Chairman Kim Jong Un directs a great deal of efforts to the improvement of the people’s livelihood.  Everywhere he went he could feel the politics of loving the people of the DPRK great leaders who devoted their all for the people’s happiness, he added.

The former mayor of Moscow said that the city planning of Pyongyang is admirable, Pyongyang is a modern city with many monumental edifices and excellent traffic network and the farmland in the DPRK is very well adjusted.

Saying that the DPRK is the only country in the world in which the state provides the people with everything they need and looks after their life and future, the first vice-chairman of the Czech Group for the Study and Materialization of the Juche Idea noted that the DPRK is the model and bulwark of socialism which proved the truth that any nation can work a surprising miracle if it advances by relying on its own strength under the guidance of an outstanding leader.

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