Nation Attaches Importance to Talent Training

Ceremonies took place at schools across the DPRK to start the new school year Juche 108(2019).

Teachers made full preparations for classes on a higher level on the basis of successes and experience they have already gained and workers of many factories and enterprises made great achievements in the production of textbooks, reference books, school uniforms and bags, and other school things before the new school year began. With the government and public concern with education growing, positive support was given to schools at all levels to provide them with better educational conditions and environment.

On the morning of April 1 the venues of opening ceremonies all over the country were crowded with pupils, students and their parents brimming with excitement and joy.

After the ceremonies, first classes of the new school year were given.

The excitement and joy overflowing in the ceremonies is a concentrated expression of their profound gratitude to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who is adding brilliance to the undying feats performed by the great leaders who established the most advantageous socialist education system in the world.

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