Animal Transported by Jumbo Jet

One day in April Juche 75(1986) Chairman Kim Jong Il stopped by the rhinoceros shed on his visit to the Central Zoo in Pyongyang.

People would be happy to see the rhinoceros, he said, adding that he was the most pleased to see the people happy.

As a matter of fact, officials had had divergent opinions about the bringing of the animal from a faraway African country.

On hearing about this, Kim Jong Il scolded the officials as he said that though the transport of the rhinoceros was a matter about a single animal, it was for the good of the people and therefore they should not be calculating, and proposed bringing it by airplane. As a result, an aircraft flew to the African country to take the animal, which greatly moved the people of that country.

However, the officials who went to the country to receive it were faced with an unexpected problem. The rhinoceros was too large to pass through the door of the plane.

At the report on this, the Chairman said it was necessary to bring it by a jumbo jet of a foreign country though it would cost some money. Our pleasure is just to see the people delighted, he said.

Thanks to the fervent love of Kim Jong Il who spared nothing for the good of the people, the Central Zoo could turn into a paradise ringing with their laughter.

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