Great Delight

One day in July Juche 76 (1987), Chairman Kim Jong Il was briefed by an official on his work in a rural area.

He asked the official whether he had visited the houses of farmers. The latter answered he paid visits to a dozen houses, where he received a suggestion for supplying flooring papers.

Smiling all over his face at the answer, the Chairman said he was very pleased to find a true servant of the people.

The official was quite at a loss what to do.

The Chairman went on: What a wonderful thing it is that you heard the farmers’ voices for flooring papers! Now that we can understand our people’s demand and direct efforts to realize it, I am very glad today.

The official did not expect that his report would make him so happy. He was deeply moved by the noble virtue of the Chairman who was so pleased that he could relieve people from another trouble in their living.

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