For People’s Convenience

In May Juche 101 (2012), Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Ryugyong Health Complex under construction.

After he was briefed on the project in front of its panoramic view, he entered the entrance hall. Carefully looking at the tiled walls in the corridor, he praised its builders for finishing the joints of tiles flawlessly.

While going round the public bath, he suddenly stopped to examine the edge of bathtub for a while. Noting that people might get hurt by the right-angled corner of the bathtub, he said it should be amended. He also asked officials to perfect the designing of water tank and the building of ultrasonic bathtub and better illuminate the dry sauna.

On his way to the second floor, he saw wooden handrails of the staircase and asked to replace them with stone or stainless steel ones as it was a humid place. Going round the saunas, he said it would be good to install LED lamps emitting cold light in order to better the feelings from sweating bath.

That day, he went round the construction site for hours, giving precious teachings. It seemed the project would progress well, he said, adding that the success or failure of construction would be decided after its completion.

Several months later, he visited it again, in spite of scorching weather.

Personally touching the glass walls in a dry sauna with a temperature of above 90℃, he said it is advisable to replace the narrow aluminium bands attached to the joints of glasses with broad ones and fix them with silicone for decorative purposes and prevention of heat loss.

While making the rounds of a face treatment room, wet sauna, barber shop, family bathroom, massage room and other rooms, he gave precious teachings spiced with humor.

Thanks to the leadership of the Supreme Leader who never feels contented in the work for the sake of people, the Ryugyong Health Complex, a comprehensive cultural and welfare service base, was splendidly built on the banks of the picturesque Taedong River in the capital city of Pyongyang.

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