Country brimful of Profound Yearning for Peerlessly Great Man

On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the demise of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the immortal hymn singing that the Chairman lives forever as the Sun reverberated, and the conviction and will to add eternal brilliance to the revolutionary career and exploits of the peerlessly great man were fully manifested in all parts of the country.

Remembrance meetings took place in the capital city and local areas, including the remembrance show “People’s Happiness Provided Thanks to Great Devotion” which was given at the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre on December 16 Juche 107(2018). The performers highly praised Chairman Kim Jong Il, who devoted his whole life to his country and people, as they remembered valuable relations with the Chairman.

Remembrance concerts were held in North Phyongan, North Hwanghae, North Hamgyong, Kangwon and other provinces, including the one given by the National Symphony Orchestra at the Moranbong Theatre in Pyongyang. The participants resolved to shine the immortal exploits of the Chairman forever as they highly praised the revolutionary life of him who safeguarded the destiny of the country and nation with his high sense of mission for the country and revolution, iron will and outstanding leadership and dedicated his all to the rosy future of the people.

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