Factory at the Service of People

One day Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected the Kusong Chicken Farm.

He familiarized himself with the modernization of the farm as he saw a large map and made the rounds of the farm, before asking about the supply of chicken to Kusong citizens.

He learned that half of the total output was supplied to them and the rest to a number of establishments.

He then said that the farm should be an establishment at the service of the people.

Saying all noodle houses he saw on his way to the farm had few diners, he told officials that they could run them properly with the by-products of the farm and then the residents would be very pleased.

When he went to the chicken entrails soup house in Kanggye one day, it had many diners, he said. He pointed to the need to ensure that Kusong City ran noodle houses properly like Kanggye in order to provide good service to its citizens.

This showed the warm affection of the meticulous father of the people who directed so much mind to providing them with better living conditions.

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