Creation of Self-reliance and Self-development

The DPRK is stepping up the production of new types of tractors, trucks and trolley buses, fully demonstrating the self-reliance of its vehicle industry.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was so pleased to see the tractors made by the country’s own efforts and technology that he got on and drove it. And he called for filling all the fields of socialist cooperative farms with Chollima-804 tractors, saying he felt full of confidence as he visualized the new type of 80hp tractors cultivating paddy and dry fields of the country to reap rich harvest.

At the Sungni Motor Complex he said proudly that the more he saw the homemade 5-ton lorries, the more stylish they look and the more he feels attached to them. They are priceless treasures born in the Mallima era, he noted, adding the more desperately the hostile forces try to stand in our way, the stronger the indomitable spiritual strength of the Korean working class grows.

The new types of tractors, lorries and trolley buses made by the country’s own efforts and technology are the invaluable products of the indomitable revolutionary spirit of the Korean working class who embroidered a new heroic epic of the grand onward march of self-reliance in the Mallima era.

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