Country Holding Women in High Esteem

The international community admires and envies women in the DPRK as they lead a fulfilling life as the legitimate masters of society and powerful makers of history thanks to the politics of respect for women, politics of attaching importance to them.

The Democratic Women’s Union of Korea was formed on November 18, Juche 34 (1945) and the Law on Sex Equality was promulgated on July 30 the following year.

In the DPRK where women are invested with the rights to work and development as social beings like men, ordinary women become heroines or deputies to the top legislative body.

Under the rights guarantee system for women, all the working women in the country, be they workers, farmers or intellectuals, not specified women, are provided at the top level with all conditions for creating and leading a happy life as the masters of the country.

Among them are deputies to lawmaking bodies, Labour Heroines, pilots, PhDs and People’s Athletes.

The DPRK is indeed a paradise for women where their dignity is ensured at the highest level.

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