Immense Reverence Pervade Venue of Flower Festival in Praise of Great Man

An ardent feeling of respect for President Kim Il Sung permeated the venues of the 19th Kimilsungia Festival and Kimilsungia exhibitions in Pyongyang and the provinces.

As many as 120 000 people visited the venue of the festival, which displayed over 24 000 Kimilsungias reflecting the sincere devotion of the Koreans and the world’s progressive peoples, between April 13 and 17.

More than 1 300 foreigners and overseas Koreans from over 130 organizations of different countries expressed their admiration for the great man and the world’s best flower as they looked round the exhibits.

The visitors to the venues of the events, which were held to mark the Day of the Sun, were filled with an ardent yearning for the President who devoted his all to national prosperity and performed undying exploits for the times and history.

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