An Indispensable Place

A marvellous ice sports base rose up on the picturesque Taedong River.

Covered by a surging wave-shaped roof, the People’s Open-air Ice Rink is furnished with everything needed for service such as a vast elliptical ice arena, skate-hiring place, waiting room, lounge, clinic, studio and monitoring room. At this smart ice rink the Korean people including children spend a good time full of joy and excitement.

Every place and every equipment of the rink are associated with warm love and tender care of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un for the people.

One day when the construction project was nearing completion, the Supreme Leader inspected the ice rink.

As he stepped into the spacious skating rink, he wore a broad smile on his face as if picturing in his mind the happy looks of the people who would have a pleasant time playing a variety of ice sports.

How wonderful it would have been if the rink could have been shown to Chairman Kim Jong Il who had initiated the building of the modern public skating rink and eagerly longed for its completion, always applying his mind to making his dear people enjoy every happiness in the world.

The Supreme Leader wanted to pass on the Chairman’s ardent love for the people through the ice rink.

Looking round several places of the rink that day, he inquired in detail whether there was anything amiss or anything inconvenient for the people, and he happened to ask if there was a place to sharpen the edge of skate blade.

The officials, who were priding themselves on full equipment of service facilities needed for ice sports, were so bewildered they did not have a ready answer.

Reading their minds, he smiled generously and kindly told them that the skate-lending place should be furnished properly and the place to sharpen the edges of skate blades was indispensable since the open-air ice rink is a public skating place.

At a skating place, blade sharpening service should be provided so that ice skaters can continue to skate for long.

The place which the people can benefit from and freely use is a spot that is indispensable in all the creations for them according to the Supreme Leader.

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