Gifts Made with Boundless Sincerity of All People 38

Framed Picture “Torch of Juche”

It was presented to President Kim Il Sung by a teacher and his wife of a secondary school in Stockholm, the Kingdom of Sweden in June Juche 70(1981).

It shows that the DPRK shines bright as the country of Juche as it upholds the President in high esteem and the Juche idea is widely spread all over the world winning the hearts of all progressive people. 

The teacher and his wife designed and drew this picture putting their heads together. 


Metal Samovar and Craftwork “Logo of Eastern Military District of Armed Forces of Russian Federation”

These gifts were presented to Chairman Kim Jong Il by Constantin Syzenko, commander of the eastern military district of the armed forces of Russian Federation in August Juche 100(2011).

One of them is Russian samovar. 

It means that he wishes the Chairman to take rest even a moment by boiling and drinking tea. 

Another one is a craftwork “Logo of the Eastern Military District of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation”.


Silver Craftwork “Chariot”

It was presented to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un by secretary general of the Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea in October Juche 104(2015).

It portrayed Krishna and King Arjuna who mean justice in Indian mythology. In the myth Krishna taught the King that he had to get strong power in order to defend justice against injustice.

It means his wish that the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who inherits brilliantly the immortal Juche idea created by President Kim Il Sung and enriched by Chairman Kim Jong Il will defend the victorious progress of global independence and happiness of progressive mankind holding high the sword of justice.


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