For People’s Happiness (2)

On December 4, 2011, despite the biting cold, Kim Jong Il visited the Kaeson Youth Park.

Firsthand Experience

Now the General was walking towards the chairoplane.

He said:

“The amusements should be switched on. Today all the officials here should get the firsthand experience of them.”

Officials were seated in the chairs and the chairoplane was powered up.

The General gazed at the undulating chairs, and asked an official of the park if there were many visitors there and how they liked it.

The official answered, “People say it is a great fun, and they feel sorry to leave the park. After the park was renovated under your close concern, airmen were the first to take the amusements. They liked them very much.”

The General said that he was pleased to hear it, and then asked which amusement they liked best.

The official enumerated, “Chairoplane, mad mouse, …”

The General said: I think that the most popular of the amusements in the amusement park of the Kaeson Youth Park is the chairoplane whose axis may reach an angle of 120 degrees. You say that besides the chairoplane, people like mad mouse. In my opinion Z-force will be more popular than mad mouse.

Then he asked the official how they would feel after taking the chairoplane.

Listening to his reply, he resumed: You say that after taking the chairoplane, people were so frightened that they vowed never to take it again. But later they had another try. It must be a thrilling experience.

Right on cue, the chairoplane was touching down.

It was a pleasant thrill of excitement, and it seemed as if five minutes was a blink of an eye.

Those who were watching the scene on the ground shouted with joy.

The chairoplane stopped and the officials got off.

The General asked them how they felt.

Their answers were interesting.

“It was exhilarating.”

“When it reached the top, I was so terrified.”

“It dissipated all my fatigue.”

Still smiling, the General moved towards the Z-force. Noting that he was very pleased that the citizens, young people in particular, liked it and were vying to take it, he joked that there would be some who might piss themselves on the machine.

An official said, “In most cases it is women who suffer for it. In other countries there is an underwear stand beside the Z-force.”

This elicited a loud laugh.

After learning about the technical specifications of the machine, the General said: Z-force is 54 metres high and the seats move up and down at the speed of 15 metres a second. Falling down will be more frightening than rising up. I am afraid that if it breaks down while ascending, it will be impossible for the people to come down and an accident may occur.

Another official explained that emergency measures had been taken and it could be manually operated in case of a breakdown, adding that there had not been a single accident.

Now the General was relieved and resumed: I must emphasize again that what is the most important in the management and operation of the amusement park is to prevent accidents. The officials and operators must inspect the amusements and recreational facilities according to regulations and look after them in a responsible manner.

After that, officials took the Power Surge and Volare. Listening to their opinions, the General was beaming with satisfaction.

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