Appeal Adopted at Joint Conference of DPRK

The DPRK government, political parties and organizations issued an appeal to all Koreans at their joint conference on January 18.

Saying that this year marks the 45th anniversary of the July 4 Joint Statement and the 10th anniversary of the October 4 Declaration, the appeal said:

1. Let us positively struggle to implement the line and policy of independent reunification full of ardent patriotism, cherishing the high pride and great honour of being members of Kim Il Sung’s nation!

All Koreans should vigorously pave the road of reunification under the uplifted banner of national independence and great unity!

Let us resolutely oppose and reject all war drills wrecking peace and stability on the Korean peninsula!

Let all Koreans in the north and the south and abroad unequivocally support the reunification by federal formula transcending differences in ideology and social system and carry on the positive struggle to realize it!

2. Let us wage a nationwide struggle to improve the north-south relations and root out the source of acute military conflict between them and danger of a war!

Let us resolutely smash the anti-DPRK confrontation moves of the south Korean authorities, the main factor of deteriorating the north-south relations and cancer-like entity standing in the way of their improvement!

Let all Koreans who love peace energetically wage a nationwide sacred struggle for defusing the military conflict and the danger of a war between the north and the south and building peace mechanism!

The south Korean authorities should not thoughtlessly take issue with the DPRK’s exercise of the right to self-defense but respond to the latter’s sincere efforts to prevent military conflict between the north and the south and ease the tension!

They should halt at once the reckless arms buildup and anti-north war games escalating the tension on the Korean peninsula!

3. Let us bring a pan-national, grand meeting for reunification to success to usher in a heyday of the nationwide reunification movement!

Let all Koreans in the north and the south and abroad achieve solidarity, alliance and unity on the principle of subordinating everything to the country’s reunification, the cause common to the nation!

Let us positively struggle to realize the pan-national, grand meeting for reunification to be attended by political parties and organizations including the authorities of the north and the south and compatriots from all walks of life at home and abroad!

4. Let us resolutely frustrate the challenges of the anti-reunification forces at home and abroad going against the nation’s aspiration for reunification!

Let us deal a heavy blow at the US domination and interference aimed to carry out the strategy to dominate Asia-Pacific while keeping south Korea under its occupation forever!

Let us hold high the torch of justice and resolutely wipe out the group of traitors who block the road of reunification, leaving the interests of the nation to the tender mercy of outside forces after failing to discern the principal enemy of the nation!

The US should clearly face up to the inexhaustible might of the DPRK and the trend of the times and make a courageous decision to roll back its anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK!

It should roll back at once its national estrangement policy aimed to instigate the confrontational maniacs forsaken by the public to perpetuate the division!

The international community setting store by independence and peace should lift up the voices opposing the US and its vassal forces standing in the way of peace and reunification on the Korean peninsula!

The DPRK’s government, political parties and organizations once again ardently appealed to all Koreans in the north and the south and abroad to turn out as one in the sacred struggle to glorify 2017, the year promising great changes, as a significant year of bringing about a new phase of independent reunification in hearty response to the patriotic call of the peerlessly great man.


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