Verifying Safety of Amusement Facilities

It happened when Kim Jong Un accompanied Chairman Kim Jong Il on a visit to the Kaeson Youth Park.
At that time, the park was on a trial operation to test amusement facilities just before the inauguration.
Looking round the facilities, Chairman Kim Jong Il stopped in front of the jet coaster and said officials had better take a ride so that the people could be assured of its safety. And he asked the accompanying officials to have a try for the first time. Kim Jong Un unhesitatingly made his way to the facility.
Relevant officials repeatedly dissuaded him, but he said he would be the first to take a ride because the facility would be used by people. Then he climbed the coaster.
In an effort to pacify the worried officials, he said cheerfully he would like to travel to outer space. He climbed onto the coaster and grasped the control lever. “When will be the time to get brave except this?” he said with a laughter.
He did not mind his personal safety, for he wanted to check the safety of the facilities to be used by the people.
The coaster began to roll over making a buzzing sound, with him aboard.

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