Instructive Guidance (2)

Centre of Medical Education

In November 2010 Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the Pyongyang Medical College of Kim Il Sung University. Understanding when Building No. 1 was erected and how many students there were in the college, he moved toward a laboratory of introduction to surgery. There he was pleased to know that there were different visual aids, multimedia, surgical tools and training devices in the laboratory to help the students fully understand elements of manual remedies and surgery such as asepsis, first-aid treatment and styptic treatment. He also went round several labs including those of internal diagnosis and molecular biology. In the medical information laboratory he gave instructions that application programs for the teaching work should be developed a lot while introducing top-notch science and technology positively. In the room dedicated to the show of the college’s achievements he spoke highly of the great varieties of medicines developed by the college.

On the occasion of his visit the Chairman indicated straight ways and means to put medical science and technology onto a higher level, and took a great measure to develop the college into the highest institute of the Juche-oriented medical education and the central establishment of training the medical talent.

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