The Watchtower and Dressing Station

When the Rungna Wading Pool was under construction, the national leader Kim Jong Un visited the place and personally went up to the unsafe creaking top of the water slide not yet fully assembled and gave detailed instructions that more diving platforms and water tanks should be built at the wading pool, and that a beach volleyball court, a basketball court and a volleyball court should be constructed. At the dusty construction site, he personally drew pictures to show his ideas to the constructors and kindly advised them to set up a photo-monitor over the water slide to prevent an impetuous slider from bumping against another from behind.

Later, when the wading pool was nearing completion, he visited it again. Attentively looking out over the scene—wide and open water pools, water slides, diving platforms, changing rooms, a beach volleyball court, a basketball court, artificial lawns, and so on, he told the officials to set up a watchtower and a dressing station to spot an accident and give first-aid treatment without delay. Thanks to his tender care a watchtower and a dressing station were built.

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