The Greatest of the Great

September 15, 1979, was a significant day for Vishwanath who was secretary general of the International Kim Il Sung Prize Council and the International Kim Jong Il Prize Council and director general of the International Institute of the Juche Idea.

He had met President Kim Il Sung during several times of his visit to Korea.

That day Kim Il Sung met Vishwanath and his party. On that occasion he said: Today is your birthday. You must deeply regret to greet your birthday away from home. Let us spend the day together over meal.

This moved Vishwanath to say that no one in the world is as great as Kim Il Sung and later work heart and soul to convey his greatness down through generations, regarding it as his sacred duty and obligation.

As  a  result  of  his  painstaking  efforts, Kim Il Sung Encyclopaedia  was   published  and  International  Kim Il Sung Prize instituted.

Once he expressed his admiration for the Korean leader, saying that he is the holiest of the holy sent by God and the Juche idea is all the constituent parts of his life and a lifeline for him.

He went on: It is an undeniable truth that the sun is the source of existence, growth and development of all living things in the natural world… According to my judgment, the sun of mankind does not come at the people’s request or in all times. But, to be happy and lucky, we became the proud generation who live with admiration for President Kim Il Sung. Indeed, he is the greatest of the great born of the Heaven.

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