Intrusion of RB-47 Spy Plane

Entering the 1960s the US imperialist aggressors came up with more frequent military provocations against the DPRK than ever before in the area along the Military Demarcation Line. On April 28, 1965 the US RB-47 spy plane intruded into the territorial airspace of the DPRK for the second time. It had been conducting aerial espionage in the sky over Sinchang and Riwon.

The relatively well-equipped spy plane engaged in espionage operations in the DPRK and other Asian countries from 1957.

It was equipped with seven long-distance cameras, a mapping device, automatic facilities for radar detection and its frequency and other reconnaissance equipment. It was designed to carry several crew.

The aircraft force of the Korean People’s Army identified the plane and shot it down. This was a legitimate, self-defensive measure of the Korean people against the US military provocation as well as a natural punishment.

However the arrogant US imperialist aggressors called for “retaliation”, massing a huge armed force in the area along the Military Demarcation Line and resorting to reckless provocations.

But their attempts ended in failure by the single-heartedly united Korean people and their powerful military strength.

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