Kochang Massacre

During the Fatherland Liberation War the US imperialists killed the Korean people in a bestial manner without scruple wherever they set foot.

Between late 1950 and early 1951 they hurled a battalion of the south Korean army into killing large numbers of innocent people in Kochang County, South Kyongsang Province.

Having sustained repeated defeats by the counterattack of the heroic Korean People’s Army, they mobilized the south Korean troops in setting fire on more than 1 200 households and killing innocent people in the vicinity of Puksang Sub-county from late 1950 to maintain a “safe rear”, insisting that the local people had established secret ties with guerillas.

In February 1951 the 3rd Battalion, 9th Regiment, 11th Division of the puppet south Korean Army burnt away over 700 households in six ris of Sinwon Sub-county including Taehyon, Waryong and Songdon. They took away 109 young people to a place and shot them to death by a machine gun, and locked the rest of them in the Sinwon primary school. They killed 537 of the detainees en masse in a valley of Mt. Pak, burnt them away by means of gasoline and then exploded the mountain lest their crime was made public.

But later their crime was laid bare by the local people.

Infuriated with the crime, the south Korean people waged a more resolute struggle against the US imperialists and the south Korean puppet clique.

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