New Year Address Made after a Delay of Five Minutes

On the first morning of 1979, President Kim Il Sung arrived at the Kumsusan Assembly Hall to deliver a New Year address. Just before making the speech, he told the accompanying officials that he wanted to see Ryo Un Hyong’s four children first, saying that he was told they were present there.

The children, who anticipated that they could see him after his delivery of the New Year address, got so excited that they rushed to where Kim Il Sung was.

He said in a hoarse voice: Why have you come here only now? Why have you not written to me and come to my house to see me? I was too busy to write to you, but you could do any time. Immediately after the country’s liberation, your father founded the People’s Party and worked hard to the last moment of his life for the country’s reunification. I will take care of you in the place of your father.

Reluctant to part with them, he retraced his steps several times and posed for a photograph with them.

So the New Year address was delayed for five minutes.

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