A Day of Devotion

It happened one day in May 1992. President Kim Il Sung left Pyongyang to give on-site guidance to the Kaesong area. The officials accompanying him were looking at their wrist watches time and again within the running car. This was because the President set out on his guidance trip so early in the morning that he could not take his breakfast even though it was nearly seven.

Several minutes before his arrival in Kaesong the President brought the car to a halt and told the officials to have breakfast there, taking a rest for a while.

This flurried the officials, for the car has stopped on the uninhabited roadside and, moreover, they had left Pyongyang without any preparation by making a plan to have breakfast after getting to the spot.

Reading their minds, the President said:

Don’t worry about the meal. Last night, I saw to it that packed meals were prepared. That will do, because we can save time and also give no trouble to the people of Kaesong city.

Then he ensured that the box lunches were handed out to everyone.

Together with them, he opened his box and, pouring water out of a vacuum flask, had a frugal meal.

Upon his arrival in Kaesong after meal the President, making the rounds of the Mausoleum of King Wang Kon, the founder of Koryo, and many other historical relics, gave instructions as to the preservation and management of historical and cultural relics.

In the afternoon he gave on-site guidance to the Kaesong Textile Mill, the Pagyon Cooperative Farm and other units, and left for Pyongyang about 5 p.m.

That day he covered a long distance of more than 440 kilometres by car to provide on-site guidance to many units and gave instructions with regard to them for hours.

Even after the President came back to Pyongyang the electric lights in his office remained bright till late at night.

A day of President Kim Il Sung’s on-site guidance for the country and the people glided away like this.

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