Munsu Water Park (2)

Best Quality and World Standard

One day in early April, 2013 Kim Jong Un examined the arrangement plan of the Munsu Water Park submitted by officials concerned.

As they presented the plan to him, the officials were convinced that the design for slides to be installed in the water park has been made in compliance with world standard.

As he went closely over the plan, Kim Jong Un said that the number of slides was small and that some more should be purchased and set up.

At this the officials were taken aback, for the modern water parks in other countries have usually 5-7 slides at the most, but the number of slides expected in the plan was still greater than theirs.

Turning his eyes at the officials after a while, Kim Jong Un urged them to arrange more slides in the water park—the slides that make the enjoyers experience more dizzy yet thrilling moments, not usual ones—and that this would please our young people who are sensitive to new things.

A few days later he reexamined the plan which envisages the installation of more slides. He expressed great satisfaction, saying that when the water park was completed, our people would be delighted at this. So, 14 water slides were arranged in the water park.

When he was visiting the park, he ensured that whether the slope of the slides was once again checked. There and then he underlined the need to give careful corrections to the connections of the slides and took measures to set up better slides in the future.

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