Sentry in the Supreme Commander’s Fur Cap

One winter evening in 1950, a sentry at the Supreme Headquarters was informed that Supreme Commander Kim Il Sung was coming back from an inspection of the front. He stood on high alert, peering into the blizzard.

When eventually the Supreme Commander’s car approached, the sentry saluted him and did not expect it to stop.

To his surprise, the car pulled in, and Kim Il Sung stepped onto the snowy road.

He approached the sentry and asked kindly: “Don’t you feel chilly in this cold weather?”

“No, sir,” replied the sentry robustly.

Kim Il Sung, however, was worried, thinking that it must be difficult to stand guard in such inclement weather. Moreover, he noticed that the soldier did not have a fur cap.

Kim Il Sung was ill at ease over the fact that the sentry had not been supplied with a fur cap because of the difficult and complicated situation during the temporary strategic retreat.

“I  am  all  right,  Comrade  Supreme  Commander,”  said  the  sentry  cheerfully  once  again,  just  to  set
Kim Il Sung at ease.

Grasping the hands of the sentry, Kim Il Sung stood against the snowstorm to shelter him, and said to his aide, “Fetch my fur cap and gloves from the car.”

The aide brought the fur cap and gloves, which Kim Il Sung gave to the sentry, and said, “Take off your cap and put this one on.”

“I am quite all right, Comrade Supreme Commander,” replied the sentry in high spirits, standing stiffly to attention.

Smiling knowingly, Kim Il Sung urged him to put on the cap.

The sentry, however, was still hesitant.

Kim Il Sung personally took off the soldier’s cap and put the fur cap on his head.

The fur cap, Kim Il Sung said, seems a little big for you, but it will do if it is tightened in the back. He pulled down the ear flaps and tied the string. He also took off the sentry’s gloves and helped him put on his own gloves.

“Comrade Supreme Commander…”

The sentry was too moved to say more.

Some time later, the officer in charge of sentry duty came, leading a relief team, and was surprised to see the sentry in a different cap.

“How dare you wear the fur cap of the Comrade Supreme Commander?” he asked, indignantly.

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