Never Allowed In

It happened on February 4 Juche 95 (2006) when Chairman Kim Jong Il came to see the Hungju Chicken Plant newly rebuilt in Jagang Province.

Having arrived at the egg-laying room from the egg-collector installed at the block of laying hens, the Chairman learned the number of laying hens and their egg production per day and suddenly asked the factory officials whether or not the chicken disease entered.

His query took into account the bird influenza that was rapidly disseminated on a global scale to terribly threaten the poultry farming world.

After being told from an official that it didn’t enter, the Chairman said that probably the factory officials did well for hygienic and anti-epidemic work since the chicken disease did not enter. And then, saying that they were also not to be allowed to enter there and letting them go out, the Chairman went back.

After all, their wish to have the Chairman in the nicely-built egg-laying room and give him a pleasure was not fulfilled.

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