On the New Year’s Day, Juche 84 (1995) Chairman Kim Jong Il met an official and asked him why he did not raise orange import for that year.

The official, however, didn’t say a word to him. At that time the Chairman said that probably it was because of the sorrow that we lost the President Kim Il Sung too unexpectedly, but importing oranges for people to eat was also the work to carry out his behest and that the President would be glad to hear that they bought oranges for people in the New Year, too.

Having enquired again into orange import on January 5, a few days later, the Chairman eagerly said to him that they should select and buy the most delicious oranges.

Thanks to the Chairman, our people had come to taste the sweet oranges even in that year when they were on the arduous march after seeing out the previous year in tears of blood.

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