Gifts Made with Boundless Sincerity of All People 43

Jewel Craftwork “Tree of Hope”

It was presented to President Kim Il Sung by chairwoman of the Women’s International Democratic Federation in August Juche 94(2005).

It was made with emerald from Brazil.

Saying that President Kim Il Sung will live forever in the hearts of the Korean and world’s people, she presented this emerald tree of hope in the sense that his revolutionary idea and immortal exploits highlighted the road to be followed by the progressive people of the world.


Wax Craftwork “Tocororo”

It was presented to Chairman Kim Jong Il from chairman of Cuban Friendship Association with All People in September Juche 100(2011).

It portrayed the Cuban national bird “Tocororo” sitting on a small tree.

He said that the gift was wearing his feeling of respect for the Chairman who had led to victory the struggle of the Korean people toward socialism holding high the banner of Juche idea.


Glassware “Sunflower”

It was presented to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un by Switzerland-DPRK Committee in April Juche 101(2012).

Saying that he decided to present to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un the glassware which has the shape of sunflower that follows the sun constantly hoping that he will be the bright Sun of the 21st century and build the DPRK into a socialist power, the chairman wished the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un good health and happiness.


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