Image of Sun

“President Kim Il Sung was really like the Sun when he warmly embraced me with a bright smile in his face, saying that he felt like seeing an old friend of him though it was his first meeting with me.

I was attracted to the President unwittingly.

To tell you the truth, I myself was completely enchanted by the President at my first meeting.

I was born and grew up in Italy taking pride in time-honoured culture and tradition, so I had been unusually proud and convinced of my view, and they might call me a European chauvinist.

When I had been busy travelling all over the world and talking to not a few high-ranking figures in many countries and regions such as Europe and Latin America for the sake of society and justice, I had never yielded or given up my self-respect.

Nevertheless, the moment I saw His Excellency President Kim Il Sung, I strongly felt as if I were meeting the Heavenly saint my mother had often told me.”

It is part of an article written by Giancarlo Elia Valori completely enchanted by the President’s personality.

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