Construction Project Regarded As Primary

One day in July Juche 100 (2011), Chairman Kim Jong Il came to see the Taedonggang General Fruit Processing Factory.

He saw several places of the factory as he was so satisfactory to hear the news that apples, pears and other fruits were made into fruit juice, syrup, sparkling juice and even cosmetics.

Looking into each of complete sets of update facilities, the Chairman said that the factory in fact was built for people with his great resolve.

He underlined that his faith was to spare nothing if it were the work to feed people enough and make them live well off and, for that reason, he said on January 1 that he had regarded the Taedonggang General Fruit Processing Factory as his primary target to be built that year.

Like this, the factory was taking the first place in his mind, as it was the very one that would produce rapidly the processed fruit favored by children and people.

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