Happiest Day

In April Juche 66(1977) there was an event that about six million students and children across the country were given new uniforms, sets of school things and confectionaries as gifts all at once on the 65th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

During this time, the President visited a middle school in Anju City of South Phyongan Province on April 12 to see if children in mountain villages put on the same new uniforms as those Pyongyang children did.

He looked at them in new school uniforms satisfactorily and said that he felt so happy and joyful on that day for the first time though he had few days of happiness in his 60-year long life.

After a while, he took a camera to take pictures of their happy faces as he missed parting from school children.

Subsequently, the President posed for a souvenir photo with all the school children taking it serious that those who had not photos taken might feel disappointed.

The dreamlike honor they had to see the President with delight in new school uniforms remained forever in their photographs.

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