Trees Planted with Participants in Second Conference of Secretaries of WPK Primary Committees

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, planted trees together with the participants in the Second Conference of Secretaries of Primary Committees of the WPK on March 2, Tree-planting Day.

The tree-planting ceremony was attended by Jo Yong Won, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau and secretary for Organizational Affairs of the WPK Central Committee, Ri Il Hwan, Kim Jae Ryong, O Il Jong, Kim Yong Hwan, Ju Chang Il and Kim Yo Jong.

The primary Party committee secretaries were filled with great excitement and delight as they came to plant trees in the presence of the respected General Secretary in the Hwasong area where another ideal street symbolic of the Party’s political idea of the people-first principle is being built.

When the General Secretary arrived, all the participants raised stormy cheers of “Hurrah!” for him, the great teacher and benevolent father who leads them step by step to become genuine political workers of the people’s party, their “servant” party, repeatedly showing warm loving care and trust for them.

Jo Yong Won delivered an address about the tree-planting.

The participants in the Second Conference of Secretaries of Primary Committees of the WPK are here to do very worthwhile work on Tree-planting Day, he said, adding:

It is very significant for us to have the honour of planting trees in the presence of the respected General Secretary after receiving the new fighting programme for strengthening primary Party committees as well as deep trust at the historic conference held amid the great attention of the Party members and other people across the country.

Tree-planting is a must for all citizens in this land and a sacred patriotic work of planting seeds of happiness and shaping the future with their sweat and efforts.

Our primary Party committee secretaries are obliged to take the lead in this responsible work for executing the policy on the land development to which our Party attaches top priority.

Today’s tree-planting will be an eternally unforgettable memory in the minds of the primary Party committee secretaries, the political workers of the people’s party, their “servant” party and harden their will to devote themselves to the revolutionary work of taking care of the destiny of the country and the people and thus bring about good results. And it will serve as an important occasion in further inspiring patriotism throughout the country.

We are here not only to plant trees but to plant our Party’s policy and ardent patriotism and pure conscience that would remain unchanged forever.

These trees to be planted by us today will add beauty to the landscape of the Hwasong area near the sacred land of the Sun and grow in thick verdure, promising the rosy future of the capital city of Pyongyang.

The speaker called on all the participants to lavish their sweat and zeal on the work of lasting significance for further sprucing up the cradle of the people’s life.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un broke ground first to signal the start of tree-planting.

While transplanting trees with the participants, he called on the primary Party committee secretaries to lavish their patriotic zeal and conscience of Party members on the work for implementing the Party’s policies.

Saying that as the trees with firm roots can weather any storm, the party that has taken its roots deep among the people and depends on them is invincible, he called on the secretaries of primary Party committees to make redoubled efforts to turn the Party into a united group strong in its fighting efficiency that has taken its roots deep among the working masses.

The participants with high honour and delight devoted their sincerity to planting trees, visualizing the day when those young trees would grow up into giant ones ensuring the prosperity of their socialist state.

Kim Jong Un had a historic picture taken with the participants in tree-planting against the background of fir trees planted by him.

The excited participants expressed their deep gratitude to the General Secretary for bestowing the warm paternal love on them, while inspiring them to become genuine officials of the Party which regards the idea of “The People Are God” as its motto and the people as its lifeblood.

Through the tree-planting, the secretaries of primary Party committees came to realize once again the fixed will of the Party Central Committee to make the revolution and construction work run through with trust and love for the people, unconditionally serve them and finally build a communist society desired by all the people at any cost.

All the participants renewed their firm resolution to make a signal progress in carrying out the tasks set forth at the Eighth WPK Congress by developing primary Party organizations into an integral whole of loyalists sharing the idea and intention with the Party Central Committee and acting as instructed by it, always mindful of the noble intention of the respected General Secretary.

The two fir trees, planted by Kim Jong Un in the Hwasong area where a new street for the people will appear, will steadily instil patriotism into all the people, adding greenness to the landscape of socialist Korea where the people’s dreams and ideal will come true.


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