Warm Gratitude Extended With Thunderous Applause

Stalin`s trust in and respect for President Kim Il Sung was really special and sincere.

In Juche 38(1949), he arranged a grand banquet to welcome the President’s visit to Soviet Union and made a friendly toast.

In his toast, he highly praised that Comrade Kim Il Sung had organized and led the anti-Japanese guerrilla army which performed a vanguard role for decades in the arduous battles against Japanese imperialism. He was truly an internationalist and a model of communist who defended the Soviet Union with blood and arms from imperialist aggression in the East. And he continued saying: That the Soviet Union could build socialism in a peaceful atmosphere like today was thanks to the struggles waged by genuine communists like Comrade Kim Il Sung. Let us all extend our gratitude to Comrade Kim Il Sung with warm applause.

Just at that moment, a thunderous applause rocked the inside of the hall.

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