He Found Himself Delighted at Voices of People

One day, an official reported to Chairman Kim Jong Il the result of his work in a farm village.

While he was reported on the work the official did with the farm officials and harvest prospect, the Chairman asked him if he had called at farmers` houses.

He reported to the Chairman the result of his visit to their families and told that they needed flooring papers.

However he did not imagine the problem with trivial flooring papers would give the Chairman a great joy.

The Chairman highly appreciated him as the master responsible for the livelihood of the people, since he reported to the Chairman what he was told as it was from the ladies in that farm village.

Besides, taking a great pleasure in having learnt what they wanted and the way to do his best for their need, the Chairman congratulated him again and again on his work result.

It was a greatest pleasure to the Chairman that he reads their opinions and makes their lives wealthy.

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