Holiday Camp for People

From olden times, Korea has been called a golden tapestry of three-thousand ri for its picturesque mountains and crystal-clear water. And it is blessed with many famous hot springs, mineral waters and scenic spots.

After Korea’s liberation in August 1945, President Kim Il Sung visited Yangdok County, South Phyongan Province and told official as follows: This area is an ideal place for a holiday resort as it has beautiful landscape, clear water and famous spa and is easy of access. We should erect a large building here in the future so that many people can enjoy their recreation life.

In the future, we are going to promulgate a labour law, adopt a social insurance law and enforce paid leave and recreation systems for the working people. By so doing, we should ensure that our people, who are unfamiliar with the word of recreation, enjoy the recreation life thanks to the benefits of the State.

The construction of a holiday camp will be of great social significance in the history of our people. We cannot postpone building the holiday camp. Everything is in short supply as the country has been liberated just now. But we must not spare money to build an excellent holiday camp here.

Later, Kim Il Sung visited Taethangji in Yangdok County several times and personally choose the site for a holiday camp in Onchon Valley with beautiful landscape and good spa. He also indicated the orientation for the project and specified tasks and ways for its management and operation.

The DPRK has built thousands of sanatoriums, rest homes and holiday camps in all picturesque places with hot spas and mineral waters.

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