What Does Reality in DPRK Show?

In 2020, the world clearly saw how the people`s security was safeguarded, how the miracle of turning adversity into fortune was performed and how the sound of hurrah for the Workers’ Party and socialism could reverberate more loudly in all parts of the DPRK even in such severe trials. 

The general secretary of the People’s Front of Workers, Peasants and Students of Peru said:

“Leader Kim Jong Un’s love for the people is a noble and ardent love like that from a benevolent father.

“To him the people are his family members.

“That is why he is going on his ceaseless field guidance trips to meet the people.

“The present reality in the DPRK, where the aftermath of severe natural calamities has been cleared off and new houses for people have been built in succession in the damaged areas, clearly shows how the noble love of the Workers’ Party of Korea reaches the people.”

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