To Make It Scenery of Pyongyang

The roast chestnut and roast sweet potato stalls on the streets of Pyongyang attract many passers-by with the appetizing smell of roasting, adding national flavour with the special service.

The distinctive sight that enhances beauty of the capital city and makes the life of citizens more enjoyable was unfolded by the ardent love for the people of the peerlessly great men.

President Kim Il Sung instructed to sell roast chestnut and sweet potato in many parts of Pyongyang so that the smell would fill the air and citizens can eat them, adding that would be a scenery of Pyongyang.

Chairman Kim Jong Il also paid much attention to the supply of roast chestnut and sweet potato to citizens and had once split some chestnuts in order to check if there were rotten ones.

Korean people still remember the fatherly love and associates it with the fragrance of roast chestnut and sweet potato which brings joy to them.

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