Outstanding Statesman

The profound reverence of the progressive mankind for President Kim Il Sung, who pioneered and added glory to the new era of independence, is growing more with the passage of time.

The vice-chairman of the Socialist Freedom Party of Egypt said that the revolutionary people look back upon the immortal exploits President Kim Il Sung performed for the mankind on the occasion of the anniversary of his demise, and continued:

“July 8 is deeply kept in the hearts of progressive mankind.

“President Kim Il Sung safeguarded the country`s independence and national dignity in the arduous struggle with Mt Paektu as the centre in leading the Korean revolution. The immortal exploits of the President, who built great socialist Korea by waging the heroic struggle unyieldingly while opening a new chapter in the world’s political and military history and creating a brilliant example, will go down in history.”

The chairman of the Pakistani society for the study of Juche praised that President Kim Il Sung is the father of socialist Korea and the great Sun of Juche, adding that the exploits of the extraordinary statesman and the most distinguished leader who led the Korean revolution and the struggle of the Korean people to victory with his original ideology and theory will shine forever in the future ages.

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