Political Bureau of WPK Central Committee Meets

The 13th Political Bureau Meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea was held on June 7 at a time when the entire Party, the whole country and all the people have vigorously turned out in the general offensive for glorifying the 75th founding anniversary of the WPK as a grand festival of victors true to the great idea and strategy of the Party for a frontal offensive to achieve a breakthrough and its action program.

Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the WPK, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, attended the meeting.

Present there were members and alternate members of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee.

Vice-premiers of the Cabinet, some chairmen of provincial Party committees and leading officials of committees and ministries were present there as observers.

Upon authorization of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un presided over the meeting.

The meeting discussed in depth some crucial issues arising in further developing the self-supporting economy of the country and improving the people’s living standards.

Discussed as the first agenda item were some urgent problems arising in developing the chemical industry of the country in a far-sighted way.

The Supreme Leader indicated the direction and ways for reconstructing the chemical industry in keeping with the requirements of Juche orientation and modernization and for putting it on a track of sustainable development.

Repeatedly stressing that the chemical industry constitutes the foundation of industry and the major thrust of the national economy, he recollected that the Party, regarding the chemical and metallurgical industries as the twin pillars of the self-supporting economy, set forth the policy of founding the C1 chemical industry to suit the specific conditions of the country and to meet the world’s trends at its Seventh Congress and has since pushed ahead with the work.

Referring to the fact that the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh WPK Central Committee discussed the issues of establishing the C1 chemical industry and building up fertilizer production capacity as the core points in developing the chemical industry, he clarified the plan and will to launch a bold drive to put the overall chemical industry on a Juche and modern basis.

The Premier of the Cabinet made a report on the review made by a scientific group of the scientific and technical guarantee and economic efficiency of founding the C1 chemical industry, and the present situation of the chemical industry.

The meeting heard suggestions for earlier completion of founding the C1 chemical industry and had an in-depth discussion about the issues of opening a broad avenue to the development of chemical industry.

The chemical industry sector should brace itself up ahead of others to propel and guarantee the economic development of the country, the Supreme Leader said, setting forth immediate tasks for shoring up the chemical industry as a whole.

He stressed the need for the chemical industry sector to give top priority to increasing fertilizer production capacity, to begin with, and dynamically push forward this work and put particular emphasis on promptly settling scientific and technological problems arising in founding potassic fertilizer industry relying on our own raw materials.

Indicating the orientation and immediate goal for reenergizing the existent chemical factories, he pointed to the need to conduct in a far-sighted way the work of exploring the chemical industry sector relying on new raw materials.

He underlined the need to actively promote the work for perfecting and upgrading the infrastructure of the chemical industry.

He clarified that the new infrastructure of the Juche-based chemical industry should be multi-lateral production system—an energy-, labour- and resources-saving and technology-intensive and development- and-creation-oriented system—that produces nonstop all kinds of chemical goods enough to meet the demands thoroughly relying on locally-available raw and other materials.

He called for building up the nationwide scientific research force, pushing ahead with the development of catalyst to be used in the C1 chemical industry and laying a material foundation for developing catalyst technology, catalyst industry.

He stressed the need to steadily carry on the work to build up the talent force for the chemical industry sector and bring up in larger numbers development-and-creation-oriented and practical talents in the education sector.

The meeting discussed as its second agenda item the immediate issues for ensuring the living conditions of citizens in the capital city.

Specifying the problems that should be urgently solved to ensure the living conditions of citizens, the Supreme Leader underlined the need for the State to take strict measures for ensuring the living conditions of people, including construction of dwelling houses.

Discussed at the meeting were important issues for settling the living conditions of Pyongyang citizens.

A resolution on the first and second agenda items was adopted with unanimous approbation.

The meeting, as the third agenda item, examined and ratified the suggestion on modifying some rule-related matters arising in the present Party work and reflecting them in a draft amendment to the Party rules.

The fourth agenda item was an organizational matter.

There was a by-election of an alternate member of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee.

Kim Yong Hwan was by-elected an alternate member of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee.

Members and alternate members of the WPK Central Committee were recalled and elected to fill vacancies.

Alternate members Ko Kil Son, Kim Jong Nam, Song Yong Gon were by-elected members of the WPK Central Committee, and Ri Jae Nam, Kwon Thae Yong and Kwon Yong Jin, members of the WPK Central Committee.

Rim Yong Chol, Kang Il Sop, Sin In Yong, Ri Kyong Chon, Kim Ju Sam, Kim Jong Chol, Choe Kwang Jun, Yang Myong Chol, Kim Yong Chol and Pak Man Ho were by-elected alternate members of the WPK Central Committee.

The 13th Political Bureau Meeting of the 7th WPK Central Committee marked an important occasion in bolstering up the foundation and potentials of the self-supporting economy, giving top priority to the people’s dignity, rights and interests under the uplifted banner of the people-first principle and opening a broad avenue to improving the people’s living standards as required by the prevailing situation of the revolution.


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