Stories of Love Born on May Days

Stories telling about the boundless love shown by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il are recorded in the annals of May Day and have been handed down generation after generation.

Kim Il Sung, who put forward the working people, who had been groaning subjected to exploitation and oppression, as masters of land and factories, attended the Pyongyang city mass meeting on the first May Day after Korea`s liberation and aroused them to the building of a new Korea.

Even during the Fatherland Liberation War, he issued order of the supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army “On May Day” to instil confidence in victory and courage into workers and other Korean people.

The Korean working class ushered in the Chollima era on the debris of war in the postwar days to strike the world people with admiration, thanks to the love and trust of the President, and developed into the reliable vanguard in the building of a powerful socialist country in the embrace of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

The Korean people still remember the meaningful May Day of Juche 98(2009) when the Chairman called the working people from enterprises in the fields of metallurgical industry and related sectors to celebratory events and showed them warm affection and benevolence as he watched a performance together with them.

The stories of love shown by the peerlessly great men on the occasion of May Day deepen working people’s yearning for the great leaders and encourage them to miracles and innovations.

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