Construction of West Sea Barrage Surprises World

The West Sea Barrage in the DPRK is a world-class hydraulic structure.

The construction of the barrage with many structures like several lock chambers through which ships of tens of thousands of tons can pass and spillways was so mammoth a task unprecedented in the workload and scale that a foreigner said if the project was finished in five years, it would be the greatest miracle in the 20th century.

President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il went out to the rough sea on board a boat to fix the place where the barrage was to be built and visited the construction site on several occasions to specify the direction and ways to hasten its construction while ensuring the quality of the construction on the highest level.

Under the wise leadership of the great leaders the builders carried out the huge project in a matter of only five years and the inaugural ceremony was held in June 1986.

After looking round the West Sea Barrage, foreigner visitors marvelled at the might of the DPRK, saying it is the creation of which it can boast to the world.

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