Trekking Route in Manphok Valley

The route lies along the scenic spots in the valley between the ridges of Hyangno Peak and Chonthap Peak.

Manphok Valley is said to have been so called because there are many big and small waterfalls, 10 000 in all. It gives a thrilling and majestic feeling. The route stretches from the Sogok Falls at the entrance to the valley to the Kuchung Falls via Murung and Unson Falls, Manphok Rock, Yuson Falls, Jangsu Rock,  Pison Falls and Nine-tiered Falls.

When you go down via the Hwajang Hermitage and Tangun Saint Grotto, the route comes to an end. In Manphok Valley you can see the Tangun Temple associated with a legend about King Tangun, father of the Korean nation, and strange-shaped rocks, falls and pools.

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