Happy Korean Women

The Korean women are held in high respect as the flower of family, of society and of the country.

To encourage women`s participation in society, the state put up as its policy to build nurseries and kindergartens near residential districts and women’s workplaces, to bring up and educate children at the state and social expenses and to free women from the heavy burden of household chores and, to this end, develops the foodstuff processing industry, daily necessities industry and public welfare service. 

An advanced maternity leave system has been enforced and women with suckling babies are provided with special benefits, and maternity hospitals of various levels have been modernly built in all parts of the country to take a responsible care of women from prevention of diseases to safe delivery.

It is regarded as a social trend and an excellent virtue to respect the personality of women.

Therefore, the DPRK women take it as a pride to hard work for the excellent socialist system and for the country and lead a happy life even in the old age of their life.

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