DPRK Is the Future of the Planet

The British Association for the Study of Songun Policy carried an article titled “Future of the Planet” on its internet website.

The miracles being performed one after another in the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea are virtually the greatest events on the planet and the most surprising wonders of the 21st century, the article said.

“What on earth is the secret to working such eye-opening miracles in the DPRK which is not big in population and territory and is under the worst sanctions and pressure by hostile forces?”

It noted that the secret is in having Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who is possessed of outstanding political acumen and guiding his country and people along an ever-victorious road.

Kim Jong Un is the symbol of mightiness of the DPRK, it said and went on:

“The Korean people trust only him absolutely and advance along the road directed by him.

“As they have him, the Korean people do not fear at all even in the face of severe trials.

“That is why the world people are speaking highly of the DPRK, the genuine land of people and of single-hearted unity, as the future of the planet and mankind.

“Since it has been upholding the great leaders generation after generation, the DPRK will be prosperous forever amid the admiration and envy of all people.”

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